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The work never stops for Notre Dame football with “Valentine’s Day Lift”

Gameday mentality.

Matt Balis

When Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish hired Matt Balis to take over the strength and conditioning program, fans had great hopes that the football program would see vast improvement on the field because of what they accomplish inside the weight room.

This recent revival that Brian Kelly orchestrated since that disastrous 2016 season has pushed the team to a 22-4 record and a berth in the college football playoff. Considering where the program was — the results have been astounding.

While the hires of Chip Long, Mike Elko, and Clark Lea have been praised the most, it has been Matt Balis, and his program, that has really made this team ready to compete at a higher level. His praise should be the loudest (mostly because he’s pretty loud) and the Irish just finished what really kicked things off back in the winter of 2017; the Valentine’s Day Lift.

It’s brutal, and you hear Balis shouting out about a “gameday mentality” because that’s exactly what is needed to not just get through the lift, but use it as another stepping stone to becoming a better football program.

And so we begin...