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Three things we learned from Notre Dame’s 62-47 loss to Miami

Insert Michael Jordan meme here.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Miami-Florida Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

My lord what a nightmare that was. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish went down to south Florida, and in keeping with school tradition — they crapped the bed. It was awful, and if you gathered any type of hope for some success to end the season, I think this performance just slapped you in the face with some baby powder.


While there were plenty of things the Irish can be ashamed of from this game, their three point shooting stands out the most. After shooting 3 of 4 to start the game, they went on to then shoot 1 for 24. That is literally a smidge better than 4%. FOUR FUCKING PERCENT.

How in satan’s evil name was this allowed? How could Mike Brey sit idly by while this travesty on the hardwood went on unabated? If there was a lesson here, it was to STOP SHOOTING 3’S WHEN YOU CONTINUALLY TOSS UP BRICKS. So... maybe that gets talked about in practice this week?


One of the better ways to reign in a ton of errant shooting might be to sit one of the guards on the floor, and I don’t even care which one — but John Mooney and Juwan Durhan should both be on the floor at the same time. I also wouldn’t mind if Nate Laszewski was out there with them as well.

This is not a good shooting team. This is a very poor shooting team, and very poor shooting teams that toss up three point shots all game like that — well that makes them even worse than poor. Notre Dame doesn’t have great size, but they have enough to go that route and produce much more than what we just witnessed. This isn’t an overreaction, as I’ve been saying this for most of the season.



I won’t go as far as to say that the team quit against Miami, but I will say that they just plain looked like they had no fight in them at all. There is no leadership on this team — no one is holding one another accountable. The body language and the effort that is on display just screams “we’re here so we don’t get fined.”

I’m not sure there is any way that can change unless they start to change it themselves. You would think that the win over Boston College would have thrown a little more fire in their guts, but that was definitely not the case against Miami. T.J. Gibbs really looks done, and I agree 100% with Tim Prister in that D.J. Harvey has no idea how to play basketball with four other guys on the court.



The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets come to South Bend on Saturday. It’s another decent chance to get an ACC win, but this entire team is going to have to take a big step forward to do it.

Wow. I really just typed that.