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National Signing Day is here for Notre Dame Football so let’s talk about it

It’s a hype day... but we’re going to have to carry the load.

brian kelly notre dame football
Raise your hand if you’re Brian Kelly.
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

It’s National Signing Day for college football y’all! Yeah I know... it’s hard to get overly excited about a day that holds virtually no intrigue for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team — but it’s at least time to celebrate what this all is.

Everyone on planet Earth is expecting 4-Star defensive end Isaiah Foskey to commit and sign with the Irish later this afternoon. That’s it — that’s the list, and it’s perfectly awesome.

We’re here all day, and will be posting a bunch of different things throughout the day, this evening, and tomorrow for you to dive in completely and fully integrate this 2019 recruiting class into your life.

Use this post to vent, drop news, and provide any general recruiting nugget that you like.