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Bagpipe Monday: I want my Notre Dame football holiday back

A 6-pack vs a liquor cabinet... I’ll take the consequences.

notre dame football helmet Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Welcome to another Bagpipe Monday on One Foot Down. Friends, the pipes are coming out for a special occasion this week... NATIONAL SIGNING DAY. I realize those words are probably sounding a bit flat to fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. What’s there to be excited about?

Bagpipe Monday Notre Dame @phillykelly

99% of the class have already signed their NLI’s during the early signing period , and we are 99% certain one more will be added Wednesday with 4-Star DE Isaiah Foskey. This doesn’t feel like the national holiday it once was — it feels like your 34th birthday.

I did touch on this subject a little bit on the One Foot Down Podcast a week and a half ago. I realize that the early signing period is a very good thing for a program like Notre Dame, and in no way am I suggesting we go back to the old way — BUT I KIND OF AM SUGGESTING WE GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY.

I miss the excitement, the unexpected, and the sense of urgency national signing day used to bring. For college football fans, it was OUR day, and many of us took off work and bunkered down to experience the thrill ride of our team adding 20-25(ish) new members to the roster.

Now, in the middle of the holiday season when things are chaotic enough, we have that early signing day. It just feels like it went from being a super important day to a throw-in right before the bowls.


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The singularity of ONE day (although I suppose it merely marks the first day of the period) to have all of these signatures faxed in to become official members of the football program was an incredible day of fun and emotion that is certainly lacking in it all now.

Shit... even the fax machines are now dead.

Again, the early signing period is a great thing for the program, but I still miss the mad rush and insanity of that first Wednesday in February. Harumph.

Your pipes: