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Notre Dame Football: What is Brian Kelly’s approval rating as he enters year 10?

How do you really feel about the Corbet Family Head Football Coach?

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Friday really marks the beginning of the 10th year of Brian Kelly’s reign in South Bend. Kelly is the absolute outlier when it comes to football coaches for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Nine years into the job and Kelly has still not won a national championship despite two 12-0 regular seasons.

At Notre Dame, coaches usually don’t last longer than 5 years without a title, and regardless of a ring on a finger — a decade is a really long time. Kelly has a 81-34 record with Notre Dame (.704) with his bowl record at 4-4 with no major NY6 bowl wins. As the previous rulers of the OFD Podcast once said... he deserves a small, tasteful exhibit in the Joyce.

For a place that measures success by the number of titles won, Brian Kelly is in a tough position historically. We can get into the many different reasons why the Irish keep falling short of that goal, but many of those reasons fall outside of the powers of Brian Kelly.

So... what do you think? I’m going to make this real simple:

Do you approve of the job Brian Kelly is doing with Notre Dame football?

What changes do you think Kelly needs to make? What’s he doing right? Will he last another 2 years — how about another 5 years?

I’m trying to hold back my opinion as much as possible here, as I’m not trying to sell you one way or another on this topic. You can, however, do your best to sell me if you like.

Year 10... that’s a bold statement. My daughter just turned 10 a few weeks ago. Double Digits y’all — apparently it’s really important. So at the very least, VOTE in this simple poll. I’m ridiculously curious to see if my estimated numbers match up with the results you are about to give me.


Brian Kelly

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  • 81%
    I approve of the job he is doing at Notre Dame
    (991 votes)
  • 18%
    I do NOT approve of the job he is doing at Notre Dame
    (220 votes)
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