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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Only the most important details are needed for evaluation

Steak or lobster?

Noah Boykin notre dame football
Noah Boykin
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Sometimes we think about this way too much — but oh well. I was doing some research last night for a few things that I’m working on about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and came across a document that I just couldn’t stop thinking about.

If you want to attend college, there are an insane number of forms to fill out. In the digital age it might be a little easier, but back in my day, you could spend an entire weekend filling out forms with a Bic pen, a case of Mountain Dew, and the refugee camp size bag of pizza rolls.

Notre Dame, obviously, is no different than most private schools and has their fair share of “fields” to wreck your autofill. Here’s the one that I can’t get enough of:


The funny thing about the above form, is that 90% of it is optional. The only required fields are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • The state your school is located
  • Graduation year

That’s it. That’s the list.

I’m not sure why they would need this form with just its basic info, but there it is. Obviously it’s a generic way to get to know the recruit’s general interests without making them think too hard.

My favorite part is that it asks both:

  • Have you ever been to Indiana?
  • Have you ever been to Notre Dame?

Like... is it really that different? I mean, South Bend’s eating options are far less enticing than Fort Wayne’s — but we’re talking about a “rust belt” state from the Michigan border to the Kentucky border.

The most thoughtful question is probably the one about flying. It’s probably a safe bet that a large portion of recruits in their sophomore or junior year of high school haven’t been on a plane before. I’m more curious what Notre Dame actually does with this info than anything else. Do they send a pamphlet? Do they send a video? Seriously, this is what I need to know.

Like I said... I’m working on something (although I’m losing steam on the subject) and this was just a random intersection of my path. Now tell me: what is the last movie you saw?