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Throwback Thursday: Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Michigan State Spartans 2009

Teabagging the Sparty tuba section is a special thing — always.


So I’m bringing back the Throwback Thursday’s a little early this year. I mean... if you consider February early in terms of the college football season. Legally, I think I’m supposed to say WAY TOO EARLY THROWBACK THURSDAY but I’ve always been somewhat of a rebel — so dangerous.

Mostly, I’m just going to post a video (full-game if possible) and offer a little bit of some commentary. You know, the reason God gave us bullet points.

2009: Notre Dame Fighting Irish 33 vs Michigan State Spartans 30

This game is on the brain this week after the Jimmy Clausen / Brady Quinn President’s Day War.

  • It’s a great example of why I want the series with Sparty to be an every year event. AT LEAST every other year.
  • Golden Tate is just so damn magnificent.
  • Jimmy plays hurt the entire game and is a BOSS.
  • Pretty sure the Wild Leprechaun formation was used, and was successful.
  • Triumphant Charlie Weis is way cooler than Loser Chuck Snotbubbles.
  • Shit yes there was a trophy won that day.

Look, it was a great game, but without Golden’s high-flying gridiron gymnastics, we may only think of it as a good game won in the Weis era.

Enjoy one more time!