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Football Recruiting: What 5-Stars are the Notre Dame Fighting Irish going after?

It’s less than it looks.

Chris Tyree

It’s the question from fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that is equal parts truth and annoying: What about the 5-Stars? College football recruiting is a fairly complex venture, but many like to boil it down to that simple question about the elite players each year.

The simple difference between a top 15 class and a top 5 class can usually be attributed to a 5-Star or two on the commit list. That in itself is not a big deal, but the difference in a big game can also boil down to a former 5-Star or two on the roster (see the Cotton Bowl against the Clemson Tigers).

I won’t dismiss the notion of 5-Stars all together, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to trust much of anything from the recruiting industry after the Blake Carringer incident (wherein no one was innocent). There is a simple truth, however, and it comes with very few exceptions:

To win championships, great coaches need great players.

So, we move forward with the only metrics that are available to us. Notre Dame has sent out 124 offers for the 2019 class with 17 of those being a 247 Composite 5-Star. The total number of 5-Stars in this recruiting cycle is currently 33.

Here are the 5-Stars Notre Dame has offered


Of the four names listed above, only Tyree is a possibility for the Irish. The good news is that he is a VERY real possibility, and Notre Dame is right in the hunt for his signature.


Of the four, only the recently offered Marcus Rosemy looks possible. Fleming did not put the Irish in his final 6, Wilson will likely stay on the west coast, and Demas is already committed to the Texas A&M Aggies. Rosemy is talking about a spring visit to South Bend — so maybe.


Johnson is committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes at the moment. There seemed to be a crack when Urban Meyer quit, but this commitment seems to be getting stronger by the day.


Braswell is committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide, and I highly doubt that changes. While Bresee might have been an option earlier in the process, Notre Dame has quickly faded into the background.


Notre Dame’s chances with any of these three in one word... “none.”


Ricks is committed to the LSU Tigers and Ringo isn’t really an option either.


He will most likely sign with the Georgia Bulldogs. Not much of an option for Notre Dame.


Or maybe sobbing. Of the 17 listed, only Chris Tyree and maybe Marcus Rosemy are even possible. Or... maybe it’s no big deal at all, and to be honest, I’m falling more and more into that category as time goes on.

Keep in mind that these are just the 247 Composite 5-Stars. Rankings can and will change over time. Kyle Hamilton was a 3-Star at this time last year, and rose to a 4-Star on the Composite and a 5-Star in 247’s own rankings.

So... whatever.