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OFD Podcast: Celebrating Notre Dame football on Valentine’s Day

Michigan sucks.

Roby Toma, Alohi Gilman, Manti Te’o notre dame football
Roby Toma, Alohi Gilman, Manti Te’o
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The One Foot Down Podcast rolls out a special Valentine’s Day show for all you lovers out there — lovers of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that is.

Well... not really. It’s a show about Notre Dame football that just so happens to go LIVE on Valentine’s Day. We offer no dating advice, love advice — or advice of any kind really.

We do offer some opinions on:

  • CROOTIN’ big players with a lot of vowels
  • Making fun of Michigan is always awesome
  • Javon McKinley
  • 100% more puns KUMAHn check it out!
  • 3 questions makes its triumphant return

Check it out in the player below or on your favorite podcast machine such as Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, or whatever. Please rate and review for good karma.