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Highlights from Notre Dame’s win over Michigan in Big 10 Hockey action

Michigan sucks now and forever amen.

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It’s not too often that I step into the editor to write about hockey as Lino and Billy take care of that... but every time the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat that disgusting school from Ann Arbor — I’m throwing up fist pumps like a meathead in Vegas.

Notre Dame beat the Michigan Wolverines inside Compton Ice Arena, 5-2.

It was a huge win for the Irish as the regular season winds down. The Ohio State Buckeyes have the regular season conference championship pretty much sewn up, but with this win, the Irish move within 2 points of second place with the Skunkbears.

Notre Dame will host the Wisconsin Badgers this weekend in South Bend for a 2 game series, but tonight... ROLL THE HIGHLIGHTS!