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OFD Podcast: Is Notre Dame’s home slate in 2019 any good?

The OFD podcast is just really into ice, hoops, and rainbows.

notre dame stadium at night
Notre Dame Stadium at night.
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The OFD Podcast makes good on its promise (for now) to try to become a more weekly show. Josh and Jude brought Brad and Lino onto the show to talk some specific about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program’s home slate in 2019... but we really got amped up for a few other things.

  • Can the Irish win the Big Ten in hockey this season?
  • What’s “on the bright side” for the basketball program?
  • Crootin’!
  • And devilish things in our new “3 Question Battle” segment.

Give it a listen in the player below, or download and subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.