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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Asa Turner recommits to the Washington Huskies

The inevitable happened.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish made a noble run at 4-Star safety Asa Turner during the fall — so much so that the Carlsbad California native backed off his commitment to the Washington Huskies, and almost signed with Notre Dame. He decided to take his time and think about it a bit more, and he went on social media on Thursday night to announce he is recommitting to the Huskies.

It truly appeared to be a struggle for Turner, but in the end, his desire to play safety at Washington as opposed to linebacker at Notre Dame eventually won out. Also... Jimmy Lake pretty much owns Notre Dame in head-to-head recruiting battles.

I really do hope Turner finds success at Washington, and I give him a ton of credit for taking the time to make the right decision for him instead of bowing to the pressure from the media and the recruiting process in general.

This was something that the recruiting gurus have been hinting at for about a week now, so this is no big surprise.