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Notre Dame Football: Vote for Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa for the Piesman Trophy

You can vote... a lot.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 New Mexico at Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish may not have a Heisman Trophy candidate this year — but they certainly have a Piesman Trophy finalist. Junior defensive tackle Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa (or MTA) has been named as one of 13 finalists for this prestigious award.

What is the Piesman Trophy?

In short... it’s a big guy award for a big play that we normally don’t see. It’s presented by SB Nation (or Banner Society now or whatever).

Why does this award exist?

College football should be fun. Big guys making plays with the ball is fun. And while the Heisman and most historic awards are reserved for players from big schools, the Piesman is a great chance to appreciate cool moments from throughout the sport.

Finalists have included players from the FBS power conferences, the Group of 5, the FCS, and Division III. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to appreciate some of those players’ contributions to college football being as fun as it is.

College football fans know that success on either side of the ball starts with the linemen, the often unsung heroes of the team. We’re proud to give out an award that gives these guys the celebration they deserve, because we think there’s nothing more exciting than a touchdown or interception or long pass from a player you weren’t expecting it from.

Who are the other finalists?

Here are the other players from around the country going up against MTA for this celebrated trophy.

How do you vote?

Follow THIS LINK to the Piesman Ballot. You can (and should) vote quite a few times for MTA. You can even just vote him at Numer #1 (a lot of times).

This is a REAL award and although we only get these guys on campus for a few years — GLORY lasts forever.