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Notre Dame skyrockets to #15 in latest college football playoff rankings

Put it into perspective for THIS year.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Notre Dame at Stanford Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After a full week of complaining about the #16 ranking for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish by the college football playoff committee — they have finally handed Brian Kelly’s squad some respect.

Notre Dame moved up one WHOPPING spot this week to #15.

So, for the record, after 5 weeks of the college football rankings where the Irish are 5-0 and winning by an average score of 39-15 — with two of those wins coming against current Top 25 schools — Notre Dame is exactly where they started.

  • Week 11 #15
  • Week 12 #16
  • Week 13 #16
  • Week 14 #16
  • Week 15 #15

Do you smell a bunch of BS? I mean... I just took a gigantic whiff and it is stinky.

I don’t want to hear about past years benefit of the doubt and any of that crap. Again... the Buckeyes got destroyed by the Purdue Boilermakers and never felt this kind of sting — and the last time the Bucks played in the playoffs (if you need another year because you don’t understand that rankings are supposed to be reset each week for the year they play in) they lost 31-0 against the Clemson Tigers.

Hell yes I’m probably tilting at windmills here, but I have never seen such non-movement for a team that rattled off 5 wins — again — by an average score of 39-15 with two of the teams being ranked in the current Top 25.

Most of the schools ranked ahead of Notre Dame are there because of a soft schedule, and the committee just doesn’t care. What incentive is there for teams to play any type of tough game outside of their conference? For all of the talk about how Notre Dame needs a good solid schedule to face the scrutiny of the playoff committee — it’s all lies. If Notre Dame would have replaced Georgia and Michigan with the Kansas Jayhawks and Rice Owls and got wins... Notre Dame would be ranked in the top 4.

It’s dumb.

In no way, shape, or form am I trying to advocate the Irish to be a top 6 team, all I am doing is pointing out the ridiculousness of this whole system. It was supposed to be better, but it’s just the same bunch of crap. The bowl system kills a lot of those ideals, and mediocrity is handsomely rewarded.