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Brian Kelly said, “You read this team wrong” after Notre Dame’s bowl win over Iowa State

Kelly had a few scores to settle

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish finished an 11-2 season with a Camping World Bowl win over the Iowa State Cyclones. Brian Kelly went to the podium with Chase Claypool and Khalid Kareem to address the media and talk about their 33-9 win.

Kelly immediately highlighted the negativity from the media and fans:

“They did not listen to what the naysayers had to say about them. The negative tone — the negative people out there.”

“You read this team wrong.”

While there will still be many fans out there that will dismiss this season and this bowl victory, it seemed clear to me that Brian Kelly and this Notre Dame football team don’t feel that way.

Here is the entire press conference with Kelly, Claypool, and Kareem: