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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly isn’t going to Florida State or anywhere else

An Irishman in that sun... deadly.

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Now that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have concluded their regular season, it’s coaching rumor season for at least the next few weeks. Brian Kelly, of course, has been a name that that has been brought up a few times already — and most of it involves the Florida State Seminoles.

I suppose I have done nothing but chuck these rumors into the St. Joseph river, but a mention in the latest Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody, has kind of forced my hand here. My reasons are based on the first and BIGGEST reason why Brian Kelly isn’t leaving Notre Dame. ..

Trace Armstrong

For the uninitiated, Trace Armstrong is Brian Kelly’s agent. His job, basically, is to start a couple of rumors about an exit strategy for BK whenever there are contract negotiations going on with ND. It’s an old move, an unoriginal move, and the go to move for Armstrong in this case. It’s why you heard things about Kelly possibly heading to the NFL despite no teams with serious interest, and why the USC Trojans were brought up a few years ago.

This is what agents do, and they do it so it DOES make its rounds across the Notre Dame internet circles.

Even if you don’t trust that information, here’s another reason Brian Kelly isn’t headed to FSU (or anywhere else)...

He wants to end his career at Notre Dame

Bowling Green v Notre Dame Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

It’s not that he wants to end his Notre Dame career — his actual career as a head coach. This has been stated numerous times, and over the summer, multiple interviews with Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick revealed a plan of sorts.

The general feel is that Kelly wants at least a 3 year extension, but there have been rumors of 5 years as well. In January of 2016, Kelly received a 6 year extension which runs through the 2021 season. A 3 year extension would bring him to 2024, but there is some noise about it only being a 2 year extension that he is seeking. Brian Kelly’s youngest son is going to be a freshman in 2020, and a 2 year extension would have Kelly coach during his son’s time in school.

It should be noted that I have no idea where is son is going to college, and even if it is Notre Dame, I haven’t heard anything about him walking on the team if that’s something that you’re wondering about.


Home sweet home

If people are going to take any of these rumors to heart, let me push a rumor that I was told this past weekend while in South Bend. Maybe it’s actually common knowledge, but it was the first I heard of it. Brian Kelly purchased a double lot in a neighborhood just south of campus, and is building a three million dollar home with a long list of amendments sent to the H.O.A. for different things (like a taller privacy fence).

If you’re planning to leave for a new job that’s 920 miles away — I don’t think you go through all of the headaches and work of building a big expensive house inside city limits of the place you are leaving.

Again... this construction thing may only be a rumor, but there was quite a bit of detail given to me in a very matter of fact way. Take it for what it is.

It’s just not happening

There are plenty of Irish fans that actually want Kelly to take a hike, and this post wasn’t intended to swat down their feelings. The only intention here was to mostly point out that Brian Kelly is seeking a contract extension, and this is what happens when agents do their job.

By most accounts, Brian Kelly wants to stay, and Jack Swarbrick wants that as well. Everything else — even the number of years of the extension — is just smokescreen. A deal was made in December of 2009 and Brian Kelly became the head coach at Notre Dame, and the latest official extension was made in January of 2016. You should probably expect another extension announcement within the next month.

So yeah... put those Chris Peterson signs away because Brian Kelly isn’t headed south — even if he does enjoy a good visor.