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Three Things After Notre Dame’s Win on The Farm VS Stanford

Double digit wins is a MOOD

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

That’s Double Digits BABBBYYYYYYY

After Saturday’s pretty satisfying Notre Dame Fighting Irish victory over the Stanford Cardinal, the Irish came away with 10 wins on the season. That would be three seasons in a row with at least 10 wins. That is DAMN good, considering that didn’t even seem fathomable 10-15 years ago. As the regular season ended, the Irish found themselves about right where we thought. It was a weird way to get there, but they did. It did feel strange, but you all have to see the successes here. Let’s break down some thoughts here as we finish out the regular season.

Three Thoughts for Us All to Ponder

I think some people will want some stats to lie, but they don’t

We don’t really do Stats that Lie and Stats that Don’t much any more, so let’s fill that void. Ian Book finished the regular season with 33 TDs and 6 INTs. Yeah, that hasn’t been done since Brady Quinn. Yes, the competition down the stretch was less than, but the point still stands for me. Ian Book stepped up when he was needed and delivered. That’s a great stat line, no matter whom he played against. Also, the offense scored 445 points this season, the most ever. Even through the injuries and question marks, the team delivered. They also went undefeated in November, a team goal, and something very hard to do as the dog days of the seaon kick in then. This team, as we look back on it, should be remembered as overall fun to watch. They won or had a chance to win in 11 of 12 games.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

BK memes make this whole thing just so much better

I mean, you cannot deny BK Homeboy just being legendary with back-to-back Gatorade chugs in the Legends Trophy. Yeah, I know that people will come back and say he can’t win the biggest games needed. I tend to agree with that. However, the memes have shown us that he has become a leader of the team that the players respect and also will have a bit of fun with them. BK has been exuding some big Maui Brey energy (BMBE, if you will), and I’M HERE FOR IT. But really, I know that he does have struggles, but BK is an icon, and not just for the memes. It’s been fun to watch the chemistry of the team since he switched things up for the complete better after 2016.

NCAA Football: Ball State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

A big thank you to the players

It did not go unnoticed the hustle that they players put forth, especially in the back half of the season. After a game like the Michigan game this year, I’ve seen it so many times where they lose a game like the VT game, or they don’t dominate down the stretch in the whole month of November. Thank you to them for their determination, even through some injuries. That, too, is partially coaching, which is to Kelly’s credit. From Irish fans who appreciate it, thank you guys. See you for the bowl game.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports