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Early Signing Period: Watch Notre Dame recruits FaceTime the coaching staff on Signing Day

A more personable “hello” to the new kids on the block.

YouTube @NDFootball

One of the cool things that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have done recently is record their FaceTime conversations with the incoming recruits on signing day. While they are generally a basic conversation with congratulations and good vibes, it lets us in on the type of recruiter these coaches are — and what type of relationships the coaches develop with the players.

Like I said, it’s just a glimpse, but given Notre Dame’s policy to keep media contact to basically NONE for freshmen — this may be one of the last chances to hear these guys speak.


  • Shirtless dads
  • Clark Lea complimenting a young man’s smile
  • Shirt wrinkles
  • Dad’s bar and big breakfast
  • #REESUS with a new disciple
  • Always the “plan for the day”
  • Snow delay
  • Great hair
  • Bald head Turf war for Watts
  • Finals for 5-Stars... IT’S TRUE!
  • A special specialist
  • 5-Star running backs get more coaches
  • Tight ends are just hungry — they’re a hungry breed

Check them out: