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Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly chugging out of the Legends Trophy after beating Stanford is now a tradition

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were handed the Legends Trophy for another year of ownership after beating Stanford 45-24 in Palo Alto. After last year’s victory, Brian Kelly chugged some Stanford blood (also maybe red Gatorade) from the cup of the Legends Trophy — and he did the same Saturday night.

While I will always advocate for Notre Dame changing their lame policy about rivalry trophies — you know — that they should be talked about but never seen on the field after a win; I fully support this tradition.

Yes, I said tradition. If you do something twice at Notre Dame it’s now considered a tradition, and I’m all for this one. It does make you wonder what they actually do with the Jeweled Shillelagh — but this is a family website, so let’s not go there.

This is fun. Have fun.