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OFF THE RAILS PODCAST: Notre Dame’s shiny gold pants, a bowl, and Frank Leahy

It’s a missed opportunity for Notre Dame this weekend.

Coach Frank Leahy Instructing Football Players

This weekend’s game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Boston College Eagles is going to be a weird one (at least visually). NBC is offering up what amounts to be a “homer broadcast” on NBSCN, and word is that they will be celebrating Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary against Miami at halftime.


Something else has bothered me for a few months about this game, and it’s something that I’ve already put out there into the universe. Why is Notre Dame wearing 1988 throwbacks to celebrate 150 years of college football? Why aren’t they celebrating Frank Leahy - especially given the ties to BC and Under Armour?

I discuss in this Off The Rails episode.

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