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3 Things from the Notre Dame Dominant Win Over Navy

That was unexpected, but very very excellent

NCAA Football: Navy at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Feeling Like Quenton Nelson After That Win

Yeah, that was a really good win on Saturday for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They pretty much dominated in every way. The offense scored TDs on the first 4 possessions, giving Navy no time or opportunity to make a real comeback. The defense set up a couple of those TDs with some forced fumbles. All in all, it was an awesome win despite many people thinking that this would be close, and I was one of those people. Since the game has ended, here are three of my takeaways.

3 Things You All Should Consider After That Game

Any of you that seriously thought Ian Book should have been benched for Phil Jurkovec were just plain wrong

How wrong were you on that? This is what I would tell you now.

Thank you, Jed, my fellow American Studies, Notre Dame graduate. Clearly, Ian Book has shown that he is QB1. Since the 4th quarter game-winning drive vs. Virginia Tech, he has been on an absolute tear. Mind you, I do know that VT, Duke, and the Navy Midshipmen are not really that good in the grand scheme of things, but you can definitely see Book’s confidence back. He is SO much more comfortable in the pocket. He has gotten Chase Claypool and Chris Finke back totally into the mix. Since VT, he has had 9 TD passes. I think he has gotten a bit of his swagger back, and he is showing why he is a leader that his team respects and that you should respect.

NCAA Football: Navy at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

This just in: You actually CAN both respect Navy and the series with them while recognizing that the game is tough physically on the players

Firstly, let me echo our Supreme Warlord, Joshua, in something that he said earlier last week:

This definitely showed, as the Irish quickly got ahead of Navy. I was wondering if this would be something we would see from Navy, and it was. We are the only Power 5 team they play this season. So, from a respect standpoint, I do like the series and why we play Navy every year. I also think I can have the opinion that it is tough on the players and that Navy isn’t a Power 5 opponent, but also recognize that I, personally, do like how we play each other every year. I know that doesn’t align with some other thoughts on it, but that is ok. I’m just saying, it seemed from social media that you had to either love or hate the series, and I think it is fine to love and hate it a little bit.

NCAA Football: Navy at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Irish defense finally pulled off something I have ALWAYS wanted to see against Navy

Well, really Paul Moala got this accomplished (shout out 574). The play to take the option pitch out of the air and run it back for 6.

I remember growing up and thinking how cool it would be if somebody did that against Navy or some other team that ran the triple option. Now, it has finally happened. It was such a cool thing to see that is almost “video game-like.” On a day when the defense should definitely be applauded for absolutely dominating Navy, that play was the icing on the cake.