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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Navy Midshipmen: Weather Report

Yup... it’s a cold day in November.

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Navy Midshipmen will meet for the 90th time on Saturday in front of a NON-sellout crowd. It’s the second of three games inside Notre Dame Stadium this November, with all of the love a game there brings this time of year.

So how is the weather going to be for this most respectful game? Here is the Accuweather forecast for Saturday in South Bend:

If you’re headed to the game, the tailgate weather is going to be way below freezing in the morning, but maybe with some of that sun it won’t feel too terrible (except for the wind tunnels in the tailgate lots).

Once we get closer to that 2:30 gametime, the temperature will start to peak for the day, but the clouds will also roll in quite a bit more.

Yes... a cold and gray day is in store for this college football game. SURPRISE!

Personally, I actually like a good cold weather game — especially with some snow. “Gearing up” and being out in the elements with nothing but some pulled pork and bourbon in my system is one of my favorite things, but I get that I’m a special kind of monster.

Stay warm out there!