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OFD Podcast: Notre Dame has several options with Navy

It’s Navy week.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish welcome the Navy Midshipmen to Notre Dame Stadium for their annual clash this week after easily taking care of the Duke Blue Devils last Saturday. In this episode:

  • What’s a Tik Tok?
  • The pleasure of Duke
  • Ian Book going after it
  • Notre Dame’s running back situation
  • Losing Julian Okwara
  • Hello Navy
  • Ripping on Navy’s schedule
  • The Amazing Malcolm Perry
  • Fear and Loathing in South Bend
  • Josh and Jude bicker about the DANGER ZONE
  • Predictions
  • A Navy schedule rant (almost said “strategery”)
  • Your injuries are FALSE sir
  • Hoops is fun

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