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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly Reflects on Loss to Wolverines, Talks Home Field Confidence

“I GET KNOCKED DOWN, BUT I GET UP AGAIN!” -Brian Kelly, probably

New Mexico v Notre Dame Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Just about every football coach goes under the microscope after a tough loss, but this is especially true for such a storied program as Notre Dame. Brian Kelly checked back in with Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans Thursday for the latest segment of the Brian Kelly show. The Irish coach addressed fortitude after defeat, and the preparation for this weekend’s matchup with the Virginia Tech Hokies.

About Last Week…

The coach got right to the point about last week’s loss. To Kelly, it’s all about using the experience to learn about adversity and then improving in the future. Coach Kelly kept it simple and said, “We didn’t play well; we didn’t coach well.”

The Irish QB

Kelly went on to address Ian Book’s disappointing showing against the Wolverines, but clarified the quarterback’s performance against Michigan is not an accurate reflection of his threat as a player. The coach admitted, “He didn’t play well; I didn’t coach well.” On Ian Book’s recent nomination for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, Kelly said, “He cares deeply about being the best quarterback he can be.”

Taking on the Hokies

Kelly has good reason to be confident in the guys’ home gameplay. The Irish have won 15 straight games in South Bend. The coach explained the Irish defense is prepared to take on the Hokies’ “commitment to a run game” as the Virginia Tech offense continues to evolve.

Tune in Next Week.

To check out next week’s of the Brian Kelly Show on November 7 at 7p.m. ET, stream online with,, or with the Fighting Irish app. Irish fans in the South Bend area can catch the show on WBST 960 AM or 96.1 FM.

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