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OFD Podcast: The Notre Dame VS Michigan Horror Show

Notre Dame pays Michigan in October... FIGURE IT OUT!

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Jude is joined by Brendan McAlinden (@verypiratey), staff writer and Ann Arbor native, for a breakdown of the Michigan Wolverines:

  • Stats that matter and those that don’t coming into Saturday’s game.
  • Michigan’s preseason strengths haven’t materialized.
  • Turnover margin is a real strength this year for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
  • The damage that past Michigan games have done to Irish fans’ psyches.
  • Betting line at Michigan -1. Does that feel right?
  • Why this game might play out like the last time Notre Dame played a ranked team in the state of Michigan.
  • It’s Halloween season, so which horror franchise best describes the 2009-2011 Notre Dame-Michigan games?
  • And much more!

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You can listen to the podcast in the player below, on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.