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Introduction - Hi I’m Brendan

Yep... hello.

Let’s start this introduction by first acknowledging that Elijah Shumate finished his Notre Dame career with three interceptions, one of which was for a touchdown.

With that out of the way, Hello! My name is Brendan McAlinden and I’ve decided to sign my letter of intent to write things for One Foot Down. I’m a two star prospect from the state of Michigan, while lacking high end measurables and experience, more than makes up for it in terms of grit, tenacity, deceptive speed, a lunchbox mentality, student of the game, and every other adjective used to New England Patriot slot receivers. Many of you know the story, Irish Catholic kid, raised a Notre Dame fan but with a twist... as I grew up on the mean streets of Ann Arbor.

Requisite grainy childhood photo in ND gear.

You could say that I have been hardened through the years due to this upbringing. To avoid ruthless mockery and typical early 90’s bullying on the bus, I did not attend school the Monday after the Boston College game in 1993. For some reason I thought a one day reprieve would save me from the gibbering savages who adorn themselves in corn and blue...ah foolish youth. (I’ll always have 1998...) Upon graduation I took my talents to the sunny shores of Mount Pleasant to attend Central Michigan University, where I met my future wife. Our shared love of football and Notre Dame helped us form a bond that carried us through the dark days of Tyrone Willingham and Charlie Weis. After a few years, with some semblance of order restored to the football landscape and an undefeated regular season, we decided it was safe to bring children into world. Both kiddos knew the fight song before they could form cognisant sentences. Pro tip to all the future parents out, train your infants with Pavlovian methodology via YouTube highlights and rewards. They’ll sit and watch games with you without screaming to watch trains or rodents.

I’d like to thank Joshua Vowles for the chance to have somewhere to write down my odd takes on my most favorite pastime.(True story, I once mailed him a 40oz Mickey’s coozie in like 2013.) I’ve penned a few things already and if you couldn’t already tell, I have a slightly unique acumen when it comes to this whole deal. I look forward to writing for the site, hopefully we can have fun along the way and go Irish!