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Notre Dame Football: Dear Jonathan Doerer.....

Thank you. And. I’m Sorry.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Jonathan Doerer,

Thank you. Also. We’re Sorry.

Yours Truly,

Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans everywhere.

Doerer Magic.

As with most writers in the Notre Dame media, I was skeptical about Jonathan Doerer hitting big times kicks this year. I felt that his first year as the full time starting kicker, he would have a lot of ups and downs. This wasn’t an easy situation to step into either, following up the most celebrated kicker in ND history (Justin Yoon). I assumed he would be solid, but did not totally trust him in high pressure situations.

However, last night he was much more than solid. He was clutch, he was confident, and he was the player of the game. He stepped up big time and hit kicks from 45, 52, and 43 to win a game by 3 points against a dangerous rival in a prime time game. Also, major props to Brian Kelly in trusting Doerer throughout the game, this goes a long way for a kicker.

Lastly, this is not to say Doerer is infallible. He is still a first year starting kicker, but up to this point he has delivered on all of his big kicks. He deserves to both celebrate and be celebrated. Now here is to the man of the night, the man with the rocket leg, Jonathan Doerer.

(Feel free to reach out with any photoshop needs). And as always, GO IRISH!