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Does Notre Dame have the courage to wear green jerseys?

Probably not.

USC v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Once again the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are calling for a green out for a big home night game — this time against the USC Trojans. Last year, Notre Dame asked for a green out against the Michigan Wolverines, and to my actual surprise, the fans responded well.

It was the first time the school had ever officially declared a “green out” and promoted it so prominently. I had my theories as to why they actually did that time (low Shamrock Series apparel sales and the chance to cash in on a new green shirt from Under Armour despite the actual “The Shirt” being green that year) but they unfortunately chose to wear their normal home blues and saved the green jersey for the Florida State Seminoles.

We were told this was a “senior vote” decision — or something like that — but it just didn’t make sense. HOW DO YOU CALL FOR A GREEN OUT AND NOT WEAR GREEN JERSEYS?


This week, with another green out called for by Notre Dame, there hasn’t even been the smallest rumor that Notre Dame will wear green jerseys against USC. Did Notre Dame finally realize that they can’t let Under Armour release a jersey they want to surprise people with, or are they really content with telling other people to wear ALL GREEN EVERYTHING while only having green shoes and gloves?

I’m guessing the latter, but there is still hope that they have enough courage to do wear the green jerseys.

Look, I understand all of the arguments against wearing them, but I just don’t care. This is 2019 and the old way of breaking those things out has long been dead. The old rules don’t apply, so if you call for a green out — MAKE IT AN ACTUAL GREEN OUT.

And for you in the back that has been rolling their eyes because “who cares what they wear just win and rivalry trophies are stupid just win blah blah blah blah blah”... try having more fun with life. It’s uhh, you know — FUN.