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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly Returns to Airwaves as Irish Prepare to Face Their Rivals

The coach praised his players’ professionalism, development and respect for a legacy.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Leading the Irish Into Battle

The history, the tradition and the legacy of the gold and blue will all come to the forefront as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the USC Trojans on Saturday. Coach Brian Kelly returned to the airwaves for the Brian Kelly Show to talk mental preparation and the key names in the pursuit of success. Kelly also addressed the future of the game as the issue of player compensation continues to claim the spotlight.

Golden is Thy Fame.

Kelly explained his players know exactly how great a legacy they represent each time they take the field. The coach said, “You’re upholding a tradition at Notre Dame, and a standard.” Considering this, Kelly clarified despite last week’s 52-0 blowout against the Bowling Green State University Falcons, he recognized room for defensive improvement, and will use these observations to adapt as Notre Dame takes on USC.

The Evolution of Ian Book

The Irish coach says his QB is “too critical of himself,” but praised his tenacity in last week’s game. Kelly explained Book has not yet reached the elite level but said of the Irish quarterback’s performance against the Falcons, “...he was determined to put the ball where he wanted to every single time.”

PAY Like a Champion Today?

One fan question addressed California’s recent Fair Pay to Play Act and how the legislation will impact Notre Dame recruiting. The law will allow California’s college athletes to receive compensation for the use of their likenesses, names and images. Coach Kelly responded that he had not formed an opinion about the recent law and said “...for me it’s a little too early for me to… wrap my head around it…” Kelly went on to explain “I’m not necessarily against helping the student-athletes… I’m for it…” The coach clarified, however, the law does not impact Irish recruiting at this time.

To check out the next segment of the Brian Kelly Show on October 24, stream online with,, or with the Fighting Irish app. Irish fans in the South Bend area can catch the show on WBST 960 AM or 96.1 FM.

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