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Notre Dame Is Averaging A #10 Ranking In Early Top 25 Polls

At this rate, Notre Dame will be the preseason #1 by 2028.

notre dame helmet Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The “way too early” top 25 polls started coming out BEFORE the National Championship was even played on Monday. You know — just like the AP Poll was voted on BEFORE the National Championship was even played.


Matt Hinton put together a rundown of most of the “way too early” polls, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish come in at #10.

A few things here...

  • Why in holy hell are the Michigan Wolverines ranked at #7? It’s like... writers keep wishing that the Skunkbears and Harbaugh don’t suck, and if they wish hard enough, VOILA! There is no Santa Claus you ridiculous bastards.
  • Notre Dame’s lowest ranking came from USA Today at #13. Athlon, 247, and CFN had the Irish ranked outside of the top 10.
  • ESPN and Sports Illustrated ranked the Irish #5 and Yahoo slotted them in at #6.

We know that these things really don’t matter much, but as with all things that don’t matter in college football, they help shape the narrative for the season. The birth of the college football playoff era has provided a tournament for a real champion — but it has also narrowed the focus by the media. I don’t really want to talk about “who’s in” in the first week of September, but apparently America does.

These January preseason polls only adds to the hype and hysteria that creates the darkness. I’m a part of that darkness now. Forgive me.