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OFD Podcast: A Farewell Song For ND Fan Radio #NDFRfinal

A thank-you letter to Wes and Martin for ND Fan radio

notre dame helmet Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Hey y’all... I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank Wes and Martin for their many years of service. The ND Fan Radio concept was one of the more original podcast concepts that covered the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and they struck a mighty chord with many fans out there.

I suppose I could have just wrote a thank-you note here (or a text about quitting) but I thought this medium served the spirit of the show the best.

They are still planning one FINAL show, and we are requesting that you send them your thoughts and favorite moments to them on Twitter using the hashtag #NDFRfinal. (@irishtightness & @NDMcFly).

I used the podcast machine to send my own farewell (it’s a crappy recording and my voice is beautifully awful — but you should listen anyways).