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Notre Dame Football is now a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

So... Cole Kmet’s baseball career is off to a good start.

Cole Kmet’s helmet
National Baseball Hall of Fame

When Under Armour and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish unveiled the 2018 Shamrock Series uniforms, most of the fanbase threw an absolute fit. Both of our polls showed that fans were 80/20 in favor of throwing them into a burning dumpster.

Apparently, we would have been throwing away a real piece of baseball history.

Last week, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown) published a story about one of their newest additions... the Notre Dame football helmet used in the Shamrock Series game at Yankee Stadium against the Syracuse Orange.

To be more precise: they are putting the helmet that tight end Cole Kmet wore in the game in the Hall of Fame. Cole caught one pass for 17 yards in that pounding of Syracuse, so it’s not because he has some record-breaking game — it’s because Cole plays baseball for the Irish.

Pretty cool, huh? A kid that plays a college football game in a baseball stadium (the home of the New York Yankees no less), will forever have his name inside the Baseball Hall of Fame. That’s not a bad start to a baseball career for the Irish pitcher — not bad at all (even if the uniforms were).