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Brandon Wimbush Thanks Notre Dame In A Touching Farewell Note

A loyal son of Notre Dame begins to move forward.

Brandon Wimbush notre dame
Brandon Wimbush
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

We knew well before the Cotton Bowl that senior quarterback Brandon Wimbush had plans on transferring away from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and to a different school to finish his last year of eligibility.

We also knew that Brandon Wimbush is a class act and deserves nothing short of our complete admiration, respect, and best wishes for his future. He’s earned every bit of that. Brandon was 13-3 at Notre Dame as a starter. Perhaps none of those wins were bigger than the season opening win over the Michigan Wolverines this past season. Wimbush was brilliant in that game, and every bit of who he is as a quarterback shined on that night. You could also say that 2017’s beatdown of the USC Trojans was his best moment — and I would be unable to argue against it.

Today, Brandon took to Instagram to thank Notre Dame for the past four years, and to start to move in a new direction for his life.

I loved covering Brandon. His post game interviews always felt more sincere than the normal player jargon one typically gets in this day and age. His passion for the game, for his team, and for this university always came first. Despite all of the ups and downs, Brandon stood by his team and was a great teammate.

In this regard, you could also say that this year’s game against the Florida State Seminoles was one of his greatest moments as well. Weeks after being benched in place of Ian Book, Brandon took control of the offense and the team to get a big win in the freezing cold to keep Notre Dame’s playoff hopes alive as Book sat with an injury.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to YOU Brandon. We wish you nothing but the best, and with that Notre Dame degree in hand, we know the future will be a bright one for you.