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Notre Dame Football: Alohi Gilman gets hate mail from six cowards

Don’t do this.

alohi gilman roby toma michigan
Alohi Gilman with Roby Toma
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Football players for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish always have a large target on their backs. It comes with the territory if you play for one of the most well-known, visible, loved, and of course... hated programs in the country.

This past week, we got another dark reminder of the foolishness of college football fans and their passion / insanity for the game. Irish safety Alohi Gilman received a terrible piece of mail, and it was shared across the social media landscape.

Although we all caught wind of this a few days ago, I still wanted to make sure I got this up on the site. Hate mail or hate messages need to be exposed at every opportunity. It needs to serve as an example of what is wrong in the hopes that the frequency of these type of acts decreases.

The biggest cowards in all of this are the ones that sent this letter. Working anonymously in an attempt to tear a person down is almost always the work of a coward and a small person. I deal with this almost daily in my email inbox and social media messages. I can deal with it. I’m a man — I’m 40.

This though... this is absolutely uncalled for.

Alohi did what he thought was best for him, his family, and his future. and everything was done legally and ethically — and was only because of a rule change by the Navy Midshipmen. Everything else is just pure hate.

While I truly believe most fans are better than this, and I certainly hope that our readers here at OFD fall in that same category, I humbly ask all of you to think twice (or 20 times) before you send anything as ridiculous as this letter.


Joshua Vowles
Site Manager, One Foot Down