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Dexter Williams gives a heartfelt goodbye to Notre Dame and Fighting Irish football fans

A special thank-you from a special player.

Dexter Williams and his mom notre dame
Dexter Williams and his mom after the Stanford game.
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Dexter Williams is moving on from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and to the NFL in just a few months. After 4 years at Notre Dame:

  • Williams has been involved in an off the field incident/arrest.
  • A spot in the doghouse.
  • Was probably the most dynamic athlete on the team for the past 3 years.
  • A 4 game suspension to start the 2018 season.
  • Runs for 995 yards and 12 touchdowns in 9 games.
  • Wins hearts everywhere.

Dexter Williams had an incredible journey during his time at Notre Dame, and today he went on social media to say “thank-you” to the school, staff, and fans.

I think on behalf of Notre Dame fans everywhere, I can say NO... thank-you Dexter.

It would have been easy for Dexter to transfer somewhere else, take an easier path — or just fall off the path all together. Instead, he stayed true to himself and finished the journey he began when he signed with Notre Dame in the winter of 2015.

I’ll never forget that brilliant September night when the Stanford Cardinal came to town this past fall. FINALLY, Dexter was back. We started to learn about his mother and her own journey, and how she used super mom strength (also known as real love) to be there for Dexter and help him on his path. Then that first carry — his first touch of the season goes 45 yards for a touchdown.

It was incredible.

I remember being on the field and seeing Dexter dart over to his mother at the end of the game, and thankfully OFD photographer, Mike Miller, was able to capture that touching moment with the photo you see above.

It would have also been easy for Notre Dame to cut Dexter loose as well. But instead of being another Notre Dame casualty, Williams is a Notre Dame success story and goes out into the world with the most valued item from the University... his degree.

So thank-you to Dexter, his mother, the school, the staff, and the fans that supported him. This is a great example of lifting someone up to achieve greatness, and is a much better thing for the University and for the world.

dexter williams notre dame
Dexter Williams
Mike Miller/One Foot Down