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OFD Adds New Staff Writer, Trent Fortino

All the way from the Mitten State!

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Hello to all you OFD readers! My name is Trent Fortino and the all mighty Joshua just added me as a writer here at One Foot Down. I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and talking all things Notre Dame.

Just a little bit about myself.....

I’m a single father, who lives on the westside of South Bend, but I’m originally from Northern Michigan. I attended Central Michigan University, I also love all of my Detroit teams and hate Michigan and MSU with a passion. I have experience in journalism and it’s a love of mine. I’ve worked at Notre Dame for a few years as an event coordinator and I love the people. Notre Dame is very special to me and I’m excited to get going.

If anyone has any questions about Notre Dame athletics then don’t hesitate to ask me.