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Notre Dame Jumps One Spot To #7 In USA Today Top 25, #6 In AP Poll

The playoff dream got a boost this weekend with a victory over a top ten team.

Dexter Williams
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish rose to the challenge against the Stanford Cardinal over the weekend. That win was enough to bump the previously #8 Irish up above the Cardinal in both sets of rankings. There were a few other notable changes near the top of the rankings as well.

Here’s the complete week six USA Today Coaches Poll:

In the top ten, Georgia and Ohio State both moved up a spot after their respective wins and Clemson dropped two spots after surviving a scare against Syracuse. ND of course moved up #7 and West Virginia moved up four whole spots after putting a beat down on Texas Tech. Auburn also moved up a spot and UW rejoined the top ten after an impressive win over BYU.

Stanford dropped back to #14 after losing to the Irish, Michigan fell back a spot after a win at Northwestern, and future ND opponent Virginia Tech moved up to #23.

Here’s the complete week six AP Poll:

Ohio State and Clemson trade spots in the top five this week after the results mentioned above. ND moves up two spots after the sensational victory, and Oklahoma dropped back a spot to #7 despite dropping sixty points on Baylor. Auburn moved from #10 to #8, West Virginia joins the top ten at #9, and UW is back in the top ten as well.

Stanford also fell in this poll to #14, along with Michigan at #15, while Virginia Tech stayed put at #24. The Irish face the Hokies this weekend in Blacksburg.