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OFD Podcast: Brian Kelly Out-coached Jim Harbaugh In Notre Dame’s 24-17 Win Over Michigan

And this game was over after the first quarter

NCAA Football: Michigan at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish started the game like a top-fuel dragster timing the light perfectly and smoking Michigan off the line. With the early lead, they were able to save the transmission and coast to the finish line in neutral while the Michigan Wolverines were spraying engine parts all over the tarmac.

This game was over as quickly as it started, due largely to coaching in conjunction with a team whose early play, despite past struggles in the bright spotlight, matched the intensity of the stadium and the weight of being billed as the headliner of the day.

There are obviously some things to clean up as the season progresses, and the Irish did fail to massively blow out Michigan (which I believe was an absolute possibility in this game). However, the fact remains that Brian Kelly started out 2018 with a statement win and the future for this season currently looks very bright.