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OFD Podcast: Is Notre Dame VS Stanford A Rivalry Game?

Answering a new age question concerning Notre Dame football.

notre dame stanford legends trophy
The Legends Trophy

There has been some debate recently if The Battle of the Legends Trophy (the annual game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Stanford Cardinal) is a real rivalry game.

Because the Stanford fanbase is the size of Bishop Dwenger High School’s fanbase — the debate is mostly fought between Irish fans. Some just refuse to see this as anything more than an annual matchup, while others claim that it has evolved into one of the better rivalry games in college football.

So take a listen to my hot take on the subject. Again... this is not Wes and Martin. Until I come up with a better name, these weekly “sound-offs” fall under the banner of the OFD Podcast — but with out the bros or their sweet production value.

You can listen in the player below or on either iTunes or Google Play. PLEASE rate and review (even if it’s just to complain about a lack of the Brothers Sweigert).