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Notre Dame Football Haiku: Chopping Down The Stanford Cardinal

Break out the axes, all Leprechaun Lumberjacks. Chop the Cardinal down.

The Haiku is undefeated and wishes to remain that way. To do so, we must all do our duty and offer up our humble 17 syllable anthems as homage to the football gods.

The subject should be easy enough. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Stanford Cardinal have developed one of the better rivalries in college football. There’s a ton of hate here on both sides — and we should cultivate that for the sake of sport.

Start a new chapter,
Ian flips the script on Shaw,
Kelly stays one shade.

Trees are meant to fall,
Says Leprechaun Lumberjacks,
Axes cut through Love.

Hi smug David Shaw,
All the whine faces.

Now it’s your turn. Join the haiku throwdown in the comment section below and let’s all make sure the Irish run a buzzsaw through the trees, and hoist the Legends Trophy (probably in private because no fun).