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Notre Dame vs. Michigan Football 2018: The Twitter Recap

Did you read the #HLSRecap in years past? This is like that.

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


I had a love/hate relationship with the Her Loyal Sons recap.

As a fan of the site, I enjoyed its carefully curated collection of real-time reaction from Twitter. It was a perfect encapsulation of our fanbase: a mixture of funny, poignant and purely insane.

By the time I started contributing there, we had added a scoring element to it. Before the tabulation, regular readers had a general sense of which Twitter users were producing the best content. Now we were producing a Top 25 of accounts that tended to be “must follows” for gameday.

That was cool — but it was also a lot of work.

Elvis, the progenitor of the recap*, spent countless hours dutifully assembling the tick-tock of each game. Eventually, it became a recap-by-committee — myself included. Ryan Ritter, the site’s managing editor, and George Bashura, then a writer, did most of the final year, with Elvis offering an Citrus Bowl eulogy before an every-decent-tweet-and-the-kitchen-sink sendoff that was lost when the Storify hamster wheel stopped spinning.

* The HLS Recap, upon its inception, drew inspiration from The Subway Domer’s own Twittermania, although the aims of each were ultimately different.

And while the #HLSRecap is dead, I’m convinced a Twitter recap is something worth having somewhere. So I’m going to publish it here for the 2018 season, and I hope you enjoy it as you did the past six years at its birth site.

These are my favorite tweets from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s 24-17 win Saturday over the Michigan Wolverines (with the exception of the Michigan tweets I inserted for context). Add your favorites in the comments section if you wish.

The tweets are chronological, except in instances where it better served the reader to jumble them.







And know what really grinds my gears?