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Notre Dame Haiku: Exorcising The Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Haiku it to me. It’s time to do your duty. Join and Go Irish!

The Haiku returns for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAIKUS DO! It’s also what WE have to do if we want a clean(ish) performance from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and quarterback Brandon Wimbush.

The one week that I didn’t produce a Notre Dame Haiku, Brandon Wimbush threw 3 interceptions and the Irish struggled against the MACs Ball State Cardinals. That dark sorcery isn’t going to be put on me this week.

Week four on the road,
Wake Forest Demon Deacons,
Forest before trees.

The team that changed us,
They still like things really quick,
No more John Wolford.

It’s a cozy field,
Pads crunch in Carolina,
So #goacc

Now it’s your turn. Join the haiku throwdown in the comment section below and let’s all make sure Brandon protects the ball again this week.