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This Crazy Play Helped Notre Dame Beat Vanderbilt 22-17

Is this football or is this rugby?

notre dame Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Just about when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were reaching epic levels of trolling its own fanbase with the way that it was playing against the Vanderbilt Commodores, something truly magical happened.

This was around the time that Vandy was really starting to roll up some momentum (and yards) and was threatening to make this a game right before the half.

While Vanderbilt lost the fumble here, they didn’t lose momentum. They held Notre Dame to a field goal on the ensuing drive, and then knocked one in themselves.

With the type of game that it developed into, this crazy play could have been the first crack that would sink the ship for today had it gone the other way. Fortunately for Notre Dame, they minimized some of the damage.

A fine example of how to win a rugby game.

There is an excellent frame by frame breakdown on SB Nation. I suggest you head over there and take a look: