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Notre Dame Haiku: All Aboard Vanderbilt Commodores

I hope your 17 syllable game is stronger than your RPOs. (That was 17 syllables).

I’m bringing back the Haiku this week for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I had planned on only using this most powerful of all game week weapons for Notre Dame’s biggest games this season, but now it seems as if we will need every tool in our box to get the season we all hoped for back in August.

After last week’s performance against the Ball State Cardinals, you should make no mistake about it... the upcoming battle versus the Vanderbilt Commodores is a big game. It’s a HUGE game given the circumstances.

So let’s quit beating around the bush and get to it...

Offensive line woes,
A new gameplan is needed,
Bipolar Wimbush.

It’s the S-E-C,
ND gets to claim that too,
With a win and chant.

Yes, Irish wear green,
But Vandy rocks the gold too,

Brian Kelly’s desk,
No panic button in sight,
Afternoon delight.

Alright it’s your turn. We had a great turnout for Michigan week, and it’s going to take the same kind of effort to get the win this week.