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Notre Dame Football: Tyler Newsome’s Mullet Is Looking Glorious

The Notre Dame punter is all business up front and all party in the back.


As Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans prepare for the first game of the year against the Michigan Wolverines tonight at 7:30 ET, they were treated to a behind the scenes look at the football team’s facilities during College GameDay.

The real story though was punter Tyler Newsome and his spectacular “pretty gritty” hair cut. ESPN’s Marty Smith sat down with Newsome to talk with him specifically about the mullet.

Both Newsome and former ND linebacker Greer Martini decided to get mullets together just before the Citrus Bowl back in January. Newsome has kept up with regular maintenance since and the current look is just spectacular.

Let’s just admire this cut for a second. With Newsome’s curls, we’re getting into early nineties Jaromir Jagr territory here.

“We’re here in the gritty midwest, so I think it fits in well,” Newsome said of his old school Andre Agassi-esque flow. Newsome himself has fit in great in his going on five years with the Irish. One of the most respected guys in the locker room, Newsome is one of the captains of the team and carries a career punt average of 44 yards into 2018.

Here’s hoping the look powers him to great things this season the way that it did Patrick Swayze in Road House.