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Notre Dame Football: The Irish Took A Day Off From Practice — How Do You Feel About That?

We talking ‘bout practice?

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Soooo... the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team got a little bit of a suprise on Wednesday when head coach Brian Kelly announced that they were canceling practice that day.

Notre Dame just got back from Culver, and the Wednesday practice was supposed to be open to the media. The media will now be allowed to watch on Thursday (today).

While the announcement didn’t move my eyerows in any paricular direction, it did seem to bother a lot of Notre Dame fans on social media and on the always level-headed message boards.

Some fans questioned the team’s dedication and stated that the team should be angry about not having a practice. Some are already attributing that first mistake against Michigan to the vacation day. Others are already plotting November destruction.

The opposing side brought some logic to the arguement. It was said that the team could use a break after all all the work they have put in this summer. Another statement suggested that the team is generally a little sloppy the first day back from Culver, and this will allow them to recharge for the next day rather than “waste” a practice developing bad habits.

I tend to agree that there is nothing odd or wrong about the decision to take a day off of practice. I don’t know about Nick Saban, but Dabo Sweeney does this every year. I only mention that because half of the fanbase, would instantly make the comparison.

What do you think, loyal OFD readers? You cool with this, or do you take issue?


Notre Dame canceled a practice...

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