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Notre Dame Football: This Weekend, Let’s Raise Green While Wearing Green

Join Irish fans in a series of prop bets to raise money for organizations helping immigrants and refugees.

Calling all Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans with generous hearts.

We’re helping to raise funds Saturday night for organizations all across America that serve our most vulnerable populations: immigrants and refugees.

The #IrishRaiseGreen effort is the brainchild of Nina Weise Steigerwald ’07, who executed an ad-hoc version of this idea during last year’s Temple game. Steigerwald raised funds for the Red Cross and the Texas Diaper Bank based on a series of prop bets — some serious, others not so much — in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

This year, she’s announced her intention to donate to the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization in Portland. Steigerwald is hoping some Irish fans match her donation with IRCO, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) or a local organization serving immigrant populations.

The organizer has enlisted the help of Bridget Reynolds, a longtime Irish fan and creative director at Freckled Creative Studio, to design a scorecard of prop bets. As with Steigerwald’s effort last year, some are serious. Each Michigan turnover will net $5 for the charitable organization or nonprofit of your choice, for example. Some are far less so. If Brian Kelly’s polo is too tight for his body and there is a certain chill in the air, well...that may cost you another Hamilton.

Bridget Reynolds / Freckled Creative Studio

If this sounds like a worthwhile endeavor, here’s how to join:

  1. Tweet at Steigerwald to let her know you’re game. (If you don’t have Twitter, she’s got a post on Facebook. Or for those who have sworn off social media, leave a comment and we’ll send a signal flare to her on your behalf.)
  2. Pick a charitable organization: IRCO, RAICES or a local organization. I’m going to pick Hopeprint, which is based near my home.
  3. Keep score! Share any observations here, in the gamethread that will be published on this site Saturday or on Twitter.
  4. Follow through! Donate as much as you can — whether it be the full scorecard, or just a portion of it — to that organization. Steigerwald will tally all the donations and announce a final contribution.

(Optional fifth step: Follow Steigerwald and Reynolds on Twitter. Both are funny, diehard Irish fans who are worthy of being in your timeline.)

Oh, and share with your friends! I’ve witnessed firsthand the Irish community do very excellent things for underserved or at-risk populations, such as the time we collectively raised $7,355 for the South Bend Center for the Homeless.

This one is not only supported by us, but by our fellow bloggers at Her Loyal Sons and Notre Dame, Our Blogger.

Hopefully, this becomes an annual tradition of giving that you enjoy.

In closing, go Irish! Beat Wolverines! Wear green! Raise green!