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An Ode to Reggie Ho

The unsung hero 30 years ago

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You all already know this, but...


We’re getting closer and closer to the opening game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The team will take on the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday. The hype is starting to become very real.

In the midst of this week, I wanted to take the opportunity to write an appreciation post for someone that should receive more hype. This individual already does silently receive hype and praise, but it is not enough. We need to remember this young man and what he accomplished 30 years ago.

30 years ago was the 1988 National Championship Season for the Irish. That season, the Irish also played a night game at home against Michigan. That one also opened the season. With a tight score throughout the game, one man came to save the day for the Irish. That man was Reggie Ho.

You’re 5 Foot Nothing, 100 and Nothing

This was basically Reggie. He stood at 5’5” and 135 pounds. To say that he was a little guy is actually an understatement. He stood very unassuming. After walking on in 1987, Lou Holtz gave the starter role to Reggie for the 1988 season. One of his signature moves was waving his hands to the side before he would kick field goals and extra points.

Reggie H(er)o

Reggie became a hero for Notre Dame against Michigan in 1988. In a game that ended with a 19-17 Irish victory, Reggie Ho kicked four field goals to add to the one Irish touchdown. The unassuming kicker helped kickstart a championship season for the Irish after a slow start by an otherwise explosive offense.

Reggie Ho, Placekicker and Doctor

Reggie had a claim to fame on the gridiron in 1988. After his time at Notre Dame, he became a medical doctor. He was also the star of a 30 For 30 Short called “Student/Athlete” that aired a few years ago. Ken Jeong, actor and also a medical doctor, helped to produce and direct the film. The film was an excellent story about the humble Reggie Ho and his amazing career as a doctor after his successful kicking season.

Reggie Ho gave us some saving grace and also became a boss off the field as well. We appreciate him for what he has done after his time at Notre Dame. However, we want to remember what he did against Michigan to kick off the season. He was the hero we needed that night, and we didn’t even know it. A great story that all Irish fans should cling to, especially this week - Michigan Week. Thank you, Reggie.

Go Irish. Beat Wolverines. Here’s to heroics from many of the Irish players on Saturday night.

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