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Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for Michigan

It’s Everyone’s Favorite Football Activity....Saying, “I CALLED IT”

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


Welcome to Hot and Cold Takes: 2018 edition. As a reminder to all of the readers, this is HEAVILY driven by you. To recap: the format allows for readers and fans to leave their own takes for the game, both HOT and COLD. As a recap, a HOT take is one that may cause some controversy, but will allow you to say “CALLED IT!”. A COLD take is still impressive, but is generally more reasonable/expected. I will highlight the most accurate, most interesting, and most wildly incorrect “fan takes” the following week, which will be great if we get a lot of participation! Enjoy and remember to leave your Takes for the matchup between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan Wolverines.


More than 50 points will be scored in total

The matchup has constantly been highlighting the two defenses (which are both well deserving). I think we will see some breakdowns by both teams that will allow for more offensive fireworks than we are anticipating. There have been many comparisons to the Georgia game, and for good reason...However, life is too short to bet the under. GIVE ME POINTS AND TOUCHDOWNS AND HIDE AND GO SEEK CELEBRATIONS.


Brandon Wimbush will finish the game with over 60% completion percentage

Wimbush has been one of the most criticized players this offseason, despite leading the Irish to a 10 win season, despite his 30 touchdowns, and despite missing a game and a half. The statistic that we’ve heard over and over is that he was “under 50% completion percentage”. Yes this is not ideal and yes he was not incredibly accurate, but he threw for 16 touchdown and only 6 interceptions.....#nothorrible. Another key thing to think about is the amount of 50/50 balls that were dropped. His receivers were not making plays when they needed to bail him out a la Tom Rees. The point of this is not to drive the excuse train and hope he might magically improve, but highlight a couple reason why he will.

  1. It is his second year starting. The coaches know what throws he succeeds at, and will put him in a position from a play-calling standpoint that will focus on his strengths.
  2. The emergence of Chase Claypool, Miles Boykin, and Cole Kmet. All three of these guys are big bodies who will make the catches in traffic that did not happen a year ago.
  3. There was significant improvement in the Spring Game-and I want to highlight a couple of throws below.

Hole throw to Michael Young- He sits in the pocket and sees the Safety sitting on the hash and puts the puts the ball on a rope into the hole.

Touch Pass to Chris Finke - He puts this right on the money with touch, something he lacked a season ago.

Back Should throw to Miles Boykin-It is great coverage by Julian Love, but there is honestly no coverage to defend a perfect back shoulder ball.


Your Takes: Please leave your takes below (hot, cold medium-any temp). I will feature the top Takes next week. GO IRISH!