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This Guy Is Going To Play Notre Dame Football: #15 Phil Jurkovec

The heir apparent: Phil Jurkovec.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a roster full of players, and we want to talk about all of them. One Foot Down’s player profile series will take a look at every single one of them, and hopefully we all learn a little bit more about these guys, and Notre Dame’s chances for the upcoming 2018 season.

#15 Phil Jurkovec

In Notre Dame’s annual search for a signal-caller to bring to South Bend, they managed to land Pine Richland quarterback Phil Jurkovec.

The All-American from Pennsylvania comes to Notre Dame enveloped in hype and laced with potential. He’ll be behind both Brandon Wimbush and Ian Book for now, but the future seems to be his in South Bend. Jurkovec appears to bring a promising future with him, and the Irish faithful are hopeful for his success.

If he lives up to the expectations, the heir apparent could go down as one of the greats.

3 Things To Know About Phil Jurkovec

  1. He holds the state record for most single yardage (5,180) in Pennsylvania.
  2. He is from the same school as current Irish Class of 2019 commit (and also former quarterback) Andrew Kristofic.
  3. He was prolific in both football and basketball in high school, and was part of a championship team in both sports.

YouTube Hot Fire

It’s short and sweet, and shows exactly what everyone is so excited about.

Country, Condiment, or Canon

Identifying the player as either a country, condiment, or member of the Star Wars Canon

Britian in 1920.

“The sun never sets on the British Empire” and the sun will never set on Phil Jurkovec.

In 1920, the British empire was at its peak. It covered one-fourth of the world and held immense power. It was one of the greatest empires of all time in terms of sheer size. Phil Jurkovec will soon lay claim to that level of power. He will go down in history books for being the only unanimous 5 time Heisman winner and the greatest college football player of all time.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point.

2018 Outlook

Don’t expect Jurkovec to see very much action this fall. He’ll likely get some garbage time action in an effort to get his feet wet, but unless things go horribly wrong for the Irish on the injury front, this should be a redshirt year for the Pennsylvania native. After a year to learn in the system, we will see where Jurkovec stands. The potential is most certainly there.

But - all in due time.